Our Approach to System Design

Custom Solutions
What sets JK Sound apart from other system designers is our willingness to customize speaker systems, utilizing the highest quality components to meet exceptionally demanding requirements and overcoming them with imaginative and unique solutions.

Match the Aesthetic
From building unique subwoofers that hide in walls or furniture, to color matching mahogany custom cabinets, our systems are designed to look as if they were meant to inhabit the rooms into which they are installed.

SMAART System Analysis
Every one of our system installations is precisely calibrated using computer-assisted audio spectrum analysis. Particular care is given to time alignment so that tweeters, mids, lows and subs all arrive to the listener at the same microsecond.

Eliminate Distortion
Our basic approach to proper system design stems from one simple principle: reduce system noise and coloration at every opportunity. We achieve this goal by installing high-quality components throughout the system, providing the sonic purity our client's demand.

Multi-zone Design
Every room in our system designs will have a unique purpose and a separate acoustic temperature. Therefore we provide systems that have separate equalization, limiting, time alignment, and routing, along with individual volume control for each specific environment.

Acoustic Design
We are acutely aware that our systems cannot perform to the highest standards in untreated environments, and so we willingly offer our clients services in acoustic design, providing sound-absorbing materials and installation.

Sound Containment
It is always our goal that the sound we create remains in the environment in which it was created; and so we also provide design services and materials for noise control, building systems which keep our clients at peace with their neighbors.

Service and Support
While our systems may be complicated internally, for the end user they are simple to use. We always provide adequate training for our clients and have a full-time field service department standing by to provide additional support when needed.

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